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"We have used DK Tack and Supplies for the last year and have never been more satisfied with a tack shop. All of our tack and supplements come from there and just recently we have started purchasing Bio-Cubes. Don and Kim are very knowledgeable and can explain every product to you, what's in it,and how it will work or where you should see a difference in your horse. To me this is very important that your supplier knows what there selling you. Better yet everything that they sell they use on there own horses, and being one of the top racing facilities in Canada you know they have the best interest in there horses, and that's what they want for there clients they sell supplies to.
Recently we have just started using the Bio-Cubes, I was very sceptical but with rising hay costs we needed to come up with a different solution. I put a call into Kim and she spent A LOT of time taking me threw the proper way to feed them, how much to feed, different sizes,kinds , and then had me over to the farm to look at some of the horses. Now my entire barn is on them,even my weanlings eat them! We love them!! Everything that is sold from there is researched and used before they'll sell it and that counts for a lot in my books. Thank you Don and Kim for all you hard work and Excellent service!" 

Miles Ahead Stables
Brian Bell and Katie Browne

"I really appreciate the quality products at a great price and the excellent advice that I get at DK. If I have a problem, Kim will help me find a solution!"

Barbara Graham-Kauffeldt

"DK Training Centre has the horses best interests at heart.  It's a place you where you can drop your horse off and never second guess, and I love Kim's tack shop!"

Lisa Kalvoda, Dunraven Farm

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